NFL Nixes Ads Featuring Eminem's "My Name Is"

Well, don't expect to see Eminem belting out the national anthem at any pro football games anytime soon.

The National Football League has withdrawn several TV ads that featured a sample of Eminem's "My Name Is" single after becoming aware of the blue and suggestive language used in the song's lyrics.

According to Chris Widmaier, a spokesperson for the NFL, the ads that incorporated the "My Name Is" snippet were pulled following the weekend of November 6-7, a week before they would have normally been rotated out for a new series of promos.

The NFL had licensed the Eminem song for a series of spots, entitled "My Name Is Joe," that detailed the career highlights of former stars Joe Montana, "Mean" Joe Green, Joe Namath, and Joe Gibbs.

Widmaier told MTV News that the "My Name Is Joe" campaign was intended to stress the continuity of the game over the years, and that the ads were conceptualized and edited together before the decision to use the Eminem track was


The production house responsible for the ads apparently didn't screen the rhymes to [article id="1443623"]"My Name Is," [RealVideo][/article] and NFL Properties President Sarah Levinson opted to terminate the ad's run once she became aware of the lyrics.

The NFL spokesman was quick to point out that the league had not received any official complaints about the promos, which were the second most popular advertisements for all NFL properties during its four-week run.

The league is currently using a sample of Carl Carlton's '70s dance hit, "Everlasting Love," for its current "Hi, Mom" campaign and will finish up the regular season with a series of spots featuring Ani DiFranco's "32 Flavors.

Eminem was unavailable for comment, as he's currently in Europe, where he was forced to cut short his Slim Shady tour earlier this week after coming down with a chest infection.

Even though he canceled dates in Copenhagen, Denmark, Malmo, Sweden, and

Hamburg, Germany, the rapper still plans to return to Los Angeles next week in order to shoot a video with Dr. Dre for "Forgot About Dre" off the "Dr. Dre 2001" album.

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