8-Bit 'Sin City' Is The Best Video Game Never Made

We need to play this, and we need to play it now.

It turns out, the perfect movie video game is "Sin City."

Don't believe us? Well, with "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" opening this week, the folks at Cinefix released their latest 8-bit masterwork with "8-Bit Cinema -- Sin City," and their imagining of the game is so good it makes me want to dig up my old SNES and play.

While Clive Owen's Dwight and Bruce Willis' Hartigan are of course main characters, the true highlights are the avatars of Marv and Miho. In fact, it was right when Marv took one of the cops and did his finishing move by jumping down the level and body-slamming him that I realized I actually needed the game in my life. And his jacket as his level-up? Perfection.

But Miho is arguably more awesome, as you get to wield two katanas and slice open every baddie you see, including an 8-bit Benicio Del Toro.

The makers of course had a wry sense of humor in the game, adding levels of 8-bit ultra-violence you probably never saw on those early generation cartridge consoles (not sure what my parents would've thought if they had seen me ripping off the Yellow Bastards testes, 8-bit or not).

To anyone who played these games as a kid and watches the video, the only downside will be that you'll probably never get to play this game (someone start a Kickstarter, STAT!). Still, at this we have this glorious 3+ minutes.

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