Felicity Is Oliver's She Who Must Not Be Named In This Exclusive 'Arrow' Clip

Who knew Oliver was a low-key 'Harry Potter' fan

Just when we think we have Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) all figured out, the Green Arrow goes and surprises us with a fire Harry Potter reference. Who knew Ollie was such a fan of the Boy Who Lived!

In this exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Arrow ("Beacon of Hope"), Oliver reveals his true (Gryffindor) colors as a Harry Potter fan when Laurel (Katie Cassidy) starts to treat Felicity as She Who Must Not Be Named around him, which then prompts this amazing response from the Arrow: "Laurel, she's not Voldemort, and I'm fine."

Sure, Oliver. Just keep telling yourself that. Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy. We all know the mere mention of Felicity's name shatters your heart into a million tiny pieces.

Of course, Thea (Willa Holland) and Diggle (David Ramsey) are just as amused as we are over this recent discovery. "I was going to be Thea that you just saw the movies," says Diggle. Yeah, Ollie. Did you even read the books? Or did Felicity read them to you? Be honest, or we'll have to break out our spare vile of Veritaserum.