A 'Walking Dead' Theme Park Ride Might Be Coming, And We Have Ideas

Consider our tickets bought.

If you thought the "Hunger Games" theme park was an insane/terrifying/morbid idea, just wait 'til you get a load of what this company is pitching.

As detailed by SlashFilm, animatronics company Sally Corp has cooked up a "The Walking Dead" theme park ride design and presented a first-glimpse at its zombie offerings at the 2015 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) convention in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday (Nov. 17).

Reportedly, the plans are already in place for this thing and all the company needs now is a taker with some space and twisted imagination, and BAM! We're on the move to go ride this thing.

Naturally, news like this gets our brainwheels turning, so we came up with a few ideas for what a "Walking Dead"-centric theme park ride/area needs to have.

The Carl Corral



This is the daycare center (named for CORAL) where they'll serve your post-apocalyptic younguns squished acorns and sour milk and fruit straight from the can. Best part? Reservations aren't required for parents; you can be a -- wait for it -- Walk-in Dad.

A Terminus BBQ stand



Fair warning: Steer clear of the meat selection.

Weapons training stations


Michonne Sword

Options: Crossbow lessons with Daryl, shooting tips from Rick, Michonne's samurai school, and/or Aikido training from Morgan.

An escape the walker-filled fog portion


walking dead fog

Never mind. That would be TOO f--king terrifying.

Ultra quiet lawnmowers


Walking Dead Grass

Clearly, there's some kind of magically silent auto-lawnmower existing in "TWD" times that keeps all the grass to ankle-height or below everywhere. We want to see this.

The Governor's museum of dead heads


Governor Heads

All of which are still blinking and/or snapping teeth, of course.

A gift shop that sells eye patches and cowboy hats and all the things


Abraham Mustache

This'll be a magical place where you can buy your very own Michonne sword and Grimes Boys cap and some fake Abraham mustaches you can wear for funzies.

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