'Thor 3' Confirmed: Marvel Sets Writers For 'Dark World' Sequel

Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost will tackle the sequel for a third 'Thor' film.

Stand down, Captain America. You're not the only Marvel superhero with a new movie on the horizon.

Just days after learning that "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" would likely spawn a sequel with [article id="1721359"]brothers Joe and Anthony Russo returning as directors[/article], comes word that Marvel Studios officially has a "Thor" sequel in development. This time, the news comes straight from Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige himself, who revealed that the studio's senior vice president of production Craig Kyle will be co-writing the third "Thor" movie alongside fellow writer Christopher Yost.

"I am proud of Craig and have enjoyed working with him over these past years," Feige said in a statement. "His creative instincts have helped shape 'Thor' and 'Thor: The Dark World' at every level of the filmmaking process. The entire team at Marvel is very happy to continue collaborating with Craig as he continues as a screenwriter working with Christopher on the forthcoming chapter of Thor's adventure."

Don't let Kyle's recent history as a senior vice president fool you: the man has a comics background, as Kyle and Yost have famously collaborated on a number of comic books including "X-Force" and "New X-Men." But more importantly, if Feige trusts the man, you should trust the man. Marvel has proven that they know what they're doing with their films, and there's no reason to doubt them now.

Most importantly, of course, is the official word that "Thor 3" exists. Not that anyone didn't expect it to happen, but the fact that Marvel commented on the news means it's further along in the process than perhaps even the [article id="1721373"]recently buzzed "Captain America 3."[/article] Where "Thor 3," and "Captain America 3" for that matter, fit on Marvel's Phase Three timeline is anybody's guess -- but for right now, at least, we know the movie's coming.

As for what "Thor 3" might focus on? Again, it's all rumor and hearsay for now, but floats out the possibility of "Loki in the guise of Odin" attempting to bring about the end of the world. Could we be looking at "Thor: Ragnarok" as a possible title? As always, your guess is as good as ours.

In the meantime, we'll see Thor again as soon as 2015, when "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" arrives.