Brüno Surprises Audience At New York Screening

'You are the cutest audience in the world!' he told the crowd gathered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Since the London red-carpet premiere of [movie id="327307"]"Brüno"[/movie] in mid-June, Sacha Baron Cohen and his exuberant comic creation have traveled around the world, stopping in nine different countries, from France to Australia. Yet Cohen, in full flamboyant Brüno character, still found time to surprise fans who'd gathered on Tuesday night in Brooklyn, New York, for a special MySpace-sponsored screening of the film.

"You are the cutest audience in the world!" he said after the crowd greeted him with a standing ovation.

MySpace staged 19 such "Black Curtain" screenings across the country on July 7, but the audience at the Brooklyn Academy of Music was the only one to catch an in-person glimpse of Brüno, Cohen's gay Austrian fashion reporter, before watching the movie, which hits theaters on Friday (July 10).

If anyone had a question about why Brüno chose to make an autobiographical movie, Brüno had a couple questions of his own. "Why did Jesus write the Bible?" he asked. "Why did Caesar build Rome in one day? Why did Leonardo DiCaprio paint the Mona Lisa?"

While the crowd settled in to watch the movie -- which follows Brüno as he's fired from his reporting gig and travels to America to become a superstar -- MTV News had a chance to chat one-on-one with the man himself.

"I surprised all my fans here in little New York," he said.

"Ich am just, like, a manorexic from Austria," he added. "I'm plagued because I've got a perfect body, I'm here and I'm totally vulnerable. I'm only 19 years old and I'm 100 percent chlamydia-free!"

Brüno also addressed a controversy that has cropped up around the film regarding allegations of homophobia and the portrayal of gay stereotypes.

"Unfortunately, there are some people in my community that conform to the bi---y, queeny stereotype," he told us. "All I'd say is this: You don't see astronauts going and complaining about Buzz Lightyear."

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