Watch Tori Kelly Stick It To The Music Industry In 'Unbreakable Smile'

Tori's new track is all about standing up to societal pressures.

Tori Kelly had some big news on Monday night, when she revealed her album release date: June 23. The singer held a live stream in honor of her debut LP, called Unbreakable Smile.

And not only did she drop that news -- but at midnight we got to hear her first single, which she's only been playing live to date. At the same time, the YouTube star also released a video to go with it, starring only Tori in all black, letting her words speak louder than any flashy set design.

The track is about sticking it to the music industry and not letting any negative criticism stop her from being genuine. Many artists might be deterred by what they hear and conform, but Tori refuses, singing, "Stir up a little scene 'cause isn't that what you want?/ For me to mess up, so you could dress up some kind of story, saying 'Tori, this'll sell more records'/ But I'd rather make them yawn than be a pawn on your chessboard."

"I was getting some feedback through the grapevine through the industry that people were doubting if I was going to be able to do anything else -- if I was just that girl and her guitar, if I was too boring, too plain, too nice even," she said during her live stream about the new track.

"I'm hearing all these things and pretending it's not fazing me at all, and sure enough, that night, I went home and just spilled my whole heart out into a song," she said. "I think it was some things I needed to say for a long time that I was holding in."

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