'I Was Pregnant': Camilla And Brandon Were Expecting On 'Siesta Key'

Find out what happened in February 2020

Camilla admitted on this week's Siesta Key that she had been "hiding" something deeply personal: She was expecting in February 2020 -- and Brandon was the father.

"I was pregnant with Brandon's kid," she told Juliette and Amanda. "We went together to the doctor's and everything, and I had an ectopic pregnancy." She then explained that this is when "the egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube."

Camilla stated that an emergency surgery followed, and she and Brandon "grew close" through the difficult experience. Shortly after the episode aired, Camilla tweeted about her "beautiful angel" -- which prompted a reply from Brandon.

She also opened up in detail about the "life-changing" moment on Instagram in the post below.

"February 2020 was one of the hardest, life changing moments of my life," she shared. "I found out I was pregnant and went to my OBGYN who told me she could not see anything in my uterus... she said to come back in the next few days to see if my hormone levels increased. I come back and my levels were higher so she immediately told me to rush to the emergency room because something was not right. Brandon drove me to Tampa hospital at 9 am and this is when COVID started so they only let me (the patient) in with no visitors allowed. At that point I start panicking crying, had no idea what was happening and on top had to be alone. I was at the hospital all day and night when the doc finally came in and told me I was having an ectopic pregnancy: which is when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus and needed surgery immediately. It’s 11pm Brandon is outside ready to pick me up (a total of 12 hrs he waited in the parking lot for me) and we finally go home.... Heaven gained a beautiful angel."

She concluded: "I put myself in such a vulnerable position on national tv because I wanted women to know that they are not alone. Things like this make us stronger and better. There’s many support groups if you feel alone please message me and I will try my best to help. You are not alone."

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