Exclusive: Giant 'Godzilla' Toy Reveals First Clear Look At Monster

JAKKS Pacific's massive figure based on upcoming movie is longest on market.

A massive star like the monster at the center of Warner Bros. and Legendary Picture's "Godzilla" deserves a colossal toy... And thankfully, JAKKS Pacific has delivered with the longest Godzilla figure on the market; a figure we're exclusively revealing here on MTV News.

The enormous, articulated figure (12 points total) stands 24" high (measured diagonally), and is 43" long. In addition, his tail swings back and forth, his mouth opens and closes and he comes packaged with the ability to drive Bryan Cranston totally crazy.

Godzilla first appeared on screens in 1954, spawning nearly 30 separate films, cartoons, toys and more. In 2014 director Gareth Edwards is rebooting the series (in association with original Japanese studio Toho) for a new generation. The movie stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen... And other than that, we don't know too much about the mysterious movie.

Though Godzilla is glimpsed in trailers and magazine covers, this toy -- which was based on the movie character in conjunction with Warner Bros. -- is our first truly unobscured look at the giant monster.

Diehard fans will surely pick out more details from the nuanced figure, but a swift eyeballing seems to confirm that this Godzilla is more barrel-chested than his man-in-suit version. Otherwise he hews pretty closely to the traditional design. Given the radical revamp in the much-maligned 1998 American remake, this can only be considered a good thing.

Dominic Laurienzo, Senior Vice President of Design, JAKKS Pacific offered the following thoughts on making the figure:

"Our massive Godzilla figure is unlike any on the market today. At over three and a half feet in length, we've captured every inch of 'Awesome-ness' from head to tail! From the moment we saw the storyboards, we knew this would be the ultimate addition to the Large Scale Figure world.

The team worked very closely with Warner Brothers and some of the best sculptors to bring to life the magnitude of this character. Whether kid or collector, we are very excited to bring our Godzilla figure to fans of all ages."

JAKKS Pacific is no stranger to large-scale figures, having previously created massive toys for "Man of Steel" and "The Dark Knight." Still, this Godzilla takes the cake for its length alone.

The figures will be available at Toys R' Us later this week for a suggested retail price of $49.99, and nationwide in May, in conjunction with the upcoming movie. "Godzilla" smashes into theaters on May 16.