'Families of the Mafia' Sneak Peek: Karina Admits 'So Much Has Changed'

The Gravano granddaughter is returning with her clan on July 15

"So much has changed" for one member of the Gravano familyies of the Mafia.

"Since 2019, I feel like so much has changed for me," Karina Seabrook, daughter of Karen Gravano and granddaughter of infamous mafioso "Sammy The Bull," states in a sneak peek of the MTV docuseries' upcoming season. "A lot can happen, but I did not know this much could happen."

For starters: The New Yorker broke up with her Season 1 on-again-off-again boyfriend Paulie.

"Now that I don't have somebody on my back telling me what I can and cannot do or how I look doing it, I do what I wanna do," Karina says. "And I thank God for that, honestly."

She is also working -- what is her new career venture? And what do her responsibilities entail? Watch Karina open up, and do not miss her and the rest of the Families of the Mafia when the docuseries returns on Thursday, July 15 at 9/8c.

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