Noname's New Album Will Sound Like Wise Smiles And Rainforests

The Chicago rapper confirmed that 'Factory Baby' will drop this year

While the jury is still out on who's going to be releasing new albums this year — aside from Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, of course — we can at least count on Noname to deliver her next studio effort in 2020. The Chicago rapper revealed on Twitter on New Year's Day that Factory Baby is due to drop this year and also gave a hint as to what it'll sound like with two drastically different pictures. The hype factory is now open for business.

Noname casually revealed the name of Factory Baby in a now-deleted Instagram post last May. Since then, news of the project has been scarce. That all changed with the reveal that it's coming out this year.

She also gave fans a taste of what it'll sound like with two pictures: one of Houston Rockets NBA star Russell Westbrook smiling slightly while wearing an East African hat called a kofia (it looks photoshopped, but hard to tell for sure) and another featuring a peaceful rainforest scene.

The kofia-wearing Westbrook image is a "hotep" meme — a symbol of being extremely socially aware, sometimes to a fault. Being that Noname is known for her politically and socially conscious raps that are poetic in nature, it looks like she's continuing down this path for the new LP.

As for the rainforest scene, there's no clear meaning as to what it could symbolize. These locales are known for being rich in plants and wildlife as well as acting as the Earth's lungs, producing copious amounts of oxygen and stabilizing the climate. Could Noname be saying that her new album will be a breath of fresh air?

Last November, Noname made headlines when she revealed that she's ready to take a break from performing and making music. She revealed in a couple of tweets that it was because she'd tired of heading out onstage in front of "predominantly white crowds."

Although it appears she's back to music (since she's releasing a new LP), there's no news of future performance dates. She's been devoting that time to the Noname's Book Club that she developed in 2018 as a "fuck you to Amazon and kind of a fuck you to the FBI," as she revealed in an interview with Trevor Noah of The Daily Show.

Take a look at Noname's announcement and preview pictures up above.

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