17 WTF Moments From 'Wizards Of Waverly Place'

Remember when a giant talking zit ruined Justin's date with Lucy Hale? We do.

Before Selena Gomez was a superstar singer, she was a wizard-in-training named Alex Russo on Disney Channel's "Wizards Of Waverly Place." Having magical powers was the least weird thing about the Russo family, and the show played out some of the most wonderfully bizarre plotlines we've ever seen. Alex, Justin and Max's quirky personalities -- along with their very creative use of wizarding spells -- made us LOL more than we ever expected to.

Sometimes the Russos' antics were so outlandish that we'd have to sit back halfway through an episode and ask ourselves, what the actual f--k? Here's what we're talking about:

When Justin's giant talking zit ruined his date

Disney Channel


When Alex accidentally brought Justin's pimple to life -- cue the "WTF?!" -- it started insulting everyone within earshot of him. Lucy Hale played Justin's love interest, Miranda, in this episode, and she was not happy with the zit's potty mouth.

99% of Harper's outfits

Disney Channel


Alex's BFF Harper really had a thing for making clothes out of inanimate objects. In real life, she'd probably have the world's most unique #OOTD Instagram.

That time Alex and Justin accidentally turned their younger brother Max into a girl

Disney Channel


Max became Maxine and STAYED MAXINE for four more episodes until they figured out how to change him back. Geez.

When Alex shrank herself so that she could use a dollhouse as her private art studio

Disney Channel


And then her parents accidentally gave away the dollhouse with Alex still inside it. Whoops.

The dog that looked like an innocent beagle but was actually a fire-breathing dragon

Disney Channel


Naturally the Russo kids thought they'd be able to keep the "dragon" part of the dog a secret. That didn't work out so well in the end.

When the "Wizards" cast learned how to Dougie on-set

"That's how you Dougie wizard-style." – Jake T. Austin, a.k.a. Max

When Alex, Justin and Harper crashed an Angel Club

Disney Channel


An Angel Club was a dance club that only Angels -- like, guardian angels -- could attend. The three troublemakers pretended to be angels so they could sneak into the club for Justin's second date with an Angel named Rosie.

Side note: This scene basically foreshadowed Selena Gomez's 2014 AMAs performance, where a pair of angel wings appeared behind her while she sang "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

When Alex said this


Alex said a lot of borderline stupid things on this show, but she also had her moments of wisdom.

And when Max said this


Max, on the other hand, never really grew out of it.

Every time the funky hat song made an appearance

You knew all the words to this. Don't lie to yourself.

When you found out Professor Crumbs got his name because of the muffin bits stuck in his beard

Disney Channel


Dumbledore and Gandalf never got food in their beards. C'mon, Professor, get it together.

How Alex needed an asteroid to hit her high school in order to graduate


As much as we love Alex, girl never did her homework or paid attention during class -- so it was no surprise when she didn't have enough credits to graduate. She did end up saving the world alongside her brothers in the "Wizards Vs. Asteroid" episode, though, so we forgive her.

When Alex bewitched herself to be eternally positive

Disney Channel


Seeing Alex as a bouncy and encouraging cheerleader was WEIRD. Alex wasn't normally a Debbie Downer or anything, but sarcasm and borderline offensive comebacks were always her specialty -- so watching her turn into the world's biggest optimist was creepy.

When Mason made Alex pretend to be a werewolf to impress his parents

Disney Channel


Talk about changing yourself for a relationship. Alex was understandably annoyed with Mason for lying about her true identity to his parents, who only wanted their son to date other werewolves. Mason eventually told his parents the truth -- that Alex was a wizard -- and even though the 'rents weren't OK with the match, Alex and Mason stayed together.

Also, did anyone else catch the Gregg Sulkin werewolf reference on "Faking It"? Priceless.

That time Mason got jealous of Alex's ex, so he ate him


Yes, he literally ATE Alex's ex-boyfriend Dean. And then Alex used a miniature submarine to travel into Mason's stomach to help Dean escape. Totally normal.

When Justin started dating Juliet the vampire even though their parents were enemies

Disney Channel


And that's why her name was Juliet. Now we get it.

When we found out Mason and Juliet dated each other three centuries ago

Disney Channel


Mason then promptly blurted out that he was still in love with Juliet. It's like a Disney Channel soap opera or something. This resulted in a fight, and somehow Juliet ended up biting Mason. When a vampire bites a werewolf, the vampire loses its power and the werewolf turns into an actual wolf -- duh -- so Juliet transformed into a thousands-of-years-old grandma and Mason turned into a four-legged canine. No big deal or anything.

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