8 Earth Day Lessons We Learned Watching Captain Planet

The power to save the planet is yours!

While Smokey the Bear taught us fire safety, Captain Planet and the Planeteers taught us the meaning of "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle" through the combined powers of the elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart.

This Earth Day, let us recall the knowledge once bestowed unto our undeveloped minds, and answer this call to action to save the planet. Never forget, the power is yours!

Happy Earth Day! Here's 5 Ways You Can Make A Difference.

1. Dude, Don't Litter.

Wheeler knows what he's talking about. It's way uncool to trash your neighborhood, so walk the few extra paces to the trash can.

2. Maybe You Could Drive A Little Less...

That smog hanging over Los Angeles didn't just create itself. Lace up and hit the pavement to pick up your daily Froyo, and try biking to work if it's only a few miles away.

3. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

Make Whoopi, I mean, Gaia, proud! Compost your leftovers and recycle used bottles and paper products. All you have to do is put your trash in the right bin.

4. On Second Thought, Just Make Less Waste To Begin With.

Wheeler, Gi and Kwame know what's up! Get your hands on some reusable items, instead of resorting to disposable solutions. "Reduce" and "Reuse" are just as important as "Recycle."

5. Get Involved!

Captain Planet might be able to take down the bad guys, but it's up to you and me to clean up the mess they left behind. Pick up trash along the beach and you too could save a baby white seal.

6. Bringing Your Own Grocery Bags Is Freaking Cool

Everything Wheeler does is cool. Everything.

7. Writing Letters Can Save Teddy Bears

Now here's an inspirational speech: "Kids, write your government representatives. Your letters can save teddy bears and endangered animals around the world." Kudos, Captain Planet, for reminding us of the power of the written word.

8. Pollution = Sickness

Pollution isn't just bad for Captain Planet, it's bad for all living things. Do Mother Earth a favor today and help clean up the planet.

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