Demi Lovato Kicked Off Her Tour With An Inspirational Body-Positive Pic

Dazzling ensemble? Check. Confident 'tude? Check. Demi's back on tour and more fierce than ever.

After four months away from the stage, Demi Lovato got back into her groove on Friday (April 17) when she kicked off the Australian leg of her Demi World Tour.

But with all that time off from performing, the 22-year-old was understandably anxious. Earlier in the day, Demi owned up to pre-show jitters, tweeting that she was nervous about rocking her stage outfit.

But as we all know, homegirl’s been kicking some major butt in the gym lately and has been admirably outspoken about dedicating herself to a healthy lifestyle. Demi’s constantly flooding her Instagram with fitspiration selfies and messages about body positivity, capping everything with a contagious confidence.

And it looks like all Demi’s hard work has paid off because after the show last night, she shared pics of her jaw-dropping outfit. Remember how she said she was nervous? Well clearly she shook it off and embraced her inner rockstar because SHE. LOOKS. AMAZING.

That beautifully textured top! Those insanely flattering short shorts! That blindingly blinged-out ring! Honestly, there are too many things to love about this ensemble, I can’t even pick a fave.

Wait, what’s that? One pic wasn’t enough? Then feast your eyes on Demi absolutely killin’ it onstage with an expression that screams, “I AM CONFIDENT, HERE ME ROAR.” She captioned this snap, “Phuckkk yo thigh gap....#latinacurves.”

But wait, I think we all need one more for the road. So here’s Demi looking you right in the eye, shooting all her fierce and saucy vibes directly into your soul.

After a few disappointing examples of celeb body-shaming in the media this week — including one that involved Demi’s friend Selena Gomez — it’s refreshing to see a star kill it with confidence. Keep slaying, girl!