Josh Peck Is Down For A 'Drake & Josh' Reunion, With One Sexy Catch

We'll find a way to make it happen.

Josh Peck is making his TV comeback on Fox's new comedy "Grandfathered." The 28-year-old stars opposite John Stamos, who plays his estranged father.

"I want to tell the chubby, 13-year-old Josh, 'Everything's gonna be alright, little bro, because you're going to wind up being able to somewhat pass for John Stamos' son,'" Peck told MTV News at the ATX Television Festival on Sunday (June 7).

"It's nice to have steady employment!" he added. "It certainly cuts through the neuroses of being an actor."

For Peck, the comedic chemistry with Stamos was instant. "I feel like Stamos is bordering on legend territory, and for someone who has been around as long as he has to be so generous with a young actor is really lovely."

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Of course, this isn't Peck's first time on a family sitcom either. For four years he portrayed teen geek Josh Nichols on the popular Nickelodeon series "Drake & Josh."

"What's amazing to me is the longevity of that show," Peck said. "How it's still gaining an audience because of the reruns, like our little brothers and sisters are now falling in love with it."

Growing up in front of the camera is never easy. Peck's evolution from husky nerd to teenage heartthrob is well documented on the Internet. But the young actor considered it an honor to be on such an iconic Nick series.

"It sort of had these story lines that are really universal and somewhat timeless," he said. "And that's so much due to our creator Dan Schneider. It was kind of harking back to the old classic sitcoms, so I’m really proud of it. Now, like if I'm on my Twitter and I see like some random Josh-ism, like 'equipment manager' or 'I ain't calling you a truther,' like, people love this -- so I feel pretty honored."

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Peck first auditioned for a part on "The Amanda Show." The short stint would later land him the role of Josh Nichols. "I wanted to be on 'All That,'" he said of his first audition in front of Schneider. "So, I was kind of a brat -- like, 'Well, I wanna be on 'All That,' I don’t know about this 'Amanda Show' business.' But I went and auditioned for him and I just remember, in the audition, I had the balls to say, 'So when will I know?'"

He didn't know it then, but Peck aced his audition. He joined an iconic group of teens who would later make up the seminal Nick shows of the 2000s.

"I feel like there was some sort of leap, between the generation of 'Drake & Josh' and 'The Amanda Show' and 'Keenan and Kel' and 'All That.' To me, it holds a special place in my heart, as classic Nickelodeon," Peck added. "And I think as sort of the years went on, kids became somewhat more interested in being superstars."

"You were sort of less accessible than I think honestly, we had less sort of challenges to navigate than someone who’s come up in the last five years on a kids' network," he added.

That doesn't mean Peck doesn't enjoy being Insta-famous now. Peck's strong social media game is just one of the ways he's endeared himself to new fans. The actor has amassed a loyal following thanks to his hilarious Vines and tweets.


Josh Peck

"I have a great time doing it, but I'm glad I can do it now as a 28-year-old, and not as a 17-year-old, because I’m sure I would have said some dumb s--t that would have got me in trouble. Now, I have like a committee that I run tweets by. Like, is this going to be at all misinterpreted?"

"My biggest responsibility is to my mom because that’s who I’ll hear it from first," he explained. "If I even curse in a tweet, she'll be like, 'Josh, is that really appropriate? Was that necessary?' And I’ll be like, 'Sorry, mom.'"

With a new show in production and a loyal following, Peck is certainly having a moment. That being said, would Peck ever consider following in his TV dad's footsteps and revive "Drake & Josh" for a new generation?

"I would be down!" he said. "I think people are always sort of begging for some sixth season of 'Drake & Josh' and whatnot. To just pick it back up without ever acknowledging that there was a 10-year gap might be a little odd -- because we definitely put on some years, but if they figured out a really cool fun way to bring back the entire cast and do, I don’t know a three episode mini-series or something, that would be dope. I'll go work at the movie theater again."

Of course, there's one catch: "I'm going to do every scene shirtless and maybe pantsless. Who knows!"

Yes, please.

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