Watch Ansel Elgort Get Wet, Plus Our Other Favorite #IceBucketChallenge Videos

The Ice Bucket Challenge raises awareness for ALS, a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over Facebook newsfeeds everywhere, and for a good reason: It's raising awareness for ALS ( = Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's disease. The disease involves the degeneration of motor neurons, which ultimately can lead to paralysis and even death.

Boston College baseball player Pete Frates was diagnosed with ALS in 2012. Him and Patt Quinn, another ALS patient, began the Ice Bucket Challenge in late July.

So how does it work? Someone who's already completed the challenge nominates you to either drench yourself in icy water or donate to an ALS charity within 24 hours. You donate or take an ice shower (or hopefully both!) -- and then nominate a few others to carry on the challenge. That's why so many Ice Bucket Challenge videos have taken over social media with the hashtags #StrikeOutALS and #QuinnForTheWin.

If you're wondering what exactly pouring a bucket of ice over your head has to do with charity, consider this: Donations to the ALS Association have hit around $160,000 over the course of ten days -- a large bump from last year's $14,480 during the same time period -- according to Barbara Newhouse, president of the ALS Association.

So without further ado, we bring you our favorite Ice Bucket Challenges:

The Ansel Elgort

And here's the full video for your amusement:

The Dog Who Can't Stand Your Shenanigans

The Dog Who Can't Even Right Now

The Fail

The Elizabeth Banks

The Reverse Ice Bucket Challenge

The "Let It Rain Over Me"

The Lance Bass

The Matt Lauer...

...and The Martha Stewart, who was challenged by Lauer

(Though if you ask us, this challenge used a little too much ice and not enough water.)

The "I'm Too Lazy To Find Ice And A Bucket"

The Boston

Last week, 200 people gathered in Boston's Copley Square to take on the ice bucket challenge together.

The "Ice Ice Baby"

Pete Frates himself is responsible for this gem of an Ice Bucket Challenge. ALS patients have difficulty regulating their body temperature so ice water was a no-go, but this "Ice Ice Baby" head-bopping is even better.

And finally, The "YOU HAVE 24 HOURS!"

You can donate to the ALS association here.

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