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Fred Durst Replaced By David Fincher On 'Lords Of Dogtown' Project

'Seven,' 'Fight Club' director David Fincher to begin shooting flick late this year.

If Limp Bizkit frontman-turned-director Fred Durst plans to roll into movie theaters, it looks like it won't be with the kings of skate culture.

"Seven" and "Fight Club" visionary David Fincher will take the directorial reigns of "The Lords of Dogtown," which profiles the dawn of skate life in '70s southern California, according to Hollywood trade publication Variety.

In May of last year, Durst signed on to direct the project, penned by skate legend Stacy Peralta, with Fincher acting as the film's producer (see [article id="1454069"]"Fred Durst To Start Rollin' Film On Skateboard Flick"[/article]). Fincher will now reportedly man the director's chair, with shooting expected to begin late this year.

The move frees up time for Durst to promote the next Limp Bizkit album, tentatively titled Less Is More, which is expected to hit stores on April 1 (see [article id="1458042"]"Fred Durst Takes 'Less Is More' Approach With New Limp Bizkit LP"[/article]).

Durst, who has directed scores of videos, has also been linked to the big-screen projects "Wanna-Be," "Runt" and "Life Without Joe" (see [article id="1445299"]"Durst May Work With Fincher On Mob Film"[/article]).