Crimes Of The Internet: Should Catfishing Be Illegal?

MTV sleuths Nev Schulman and Max Joseph reveal their thoughts on the matter.

When a Catfish is caught by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, the guilty party usually hears a shpiel from the detectives about their digital decisions and, if it is warranted (there are some happy endings!), a meaningful message about how their Internet activity was unacceptable. But should the act of posing as someone else in cyber space be against the law?

"I totally think that catfishing should be illegal," Nev recently told MTV News. "It is a version of fraud."

Unsurprisingly, Max agrees with his partner on this sensitive subject.

"It’s identity fraud -- it’s emotional bullying and manipulative," MTV's silver fox elaborated. "I do think that there will be a point in the future, near future, where it will be regulated and various form of catfishing will be illegal. And people will look back at this time, in like the early stages of the Internet where you could do anything and say you were anyone -- and there was this show called Catfish with these two guys going around to talk to people who had been catfished."

Do you agree with Nev and Max on this topic? Share your thoughts in the comments -- and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Catfish (a sneak peek featuring Nev and guest co-host Karrueche Tran can be seen below) on Wednesday at 10/9c.