'Arrow' Had 'Big Plans' For Harley Quinn Before 'Suicide Squad' Shut Them Down

Who else feels like we're really missing out here?

Fans of the goofy Joker-loving Harley Quinn are pretty pumped to see her taking center stage in the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie. But this won't be her first live-action incarnation -- she also briefly appeared in the second season of "Arrow," first as a voice (Tara Strong):



And then later in a deleted scene from the season finale, as played by Cassidy Alexa (though she did appear in a promo for the episode, whoops!):


At the time, producer Marc Guggenheim told Collider, "I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn. She was always intended to be an Easter egg. I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed."

But according to Willa Holland, who plays Thea "Speedy" Queen, Harley's cameo wasn't meant to be just a fun insider reference for hardcore DC Comics fans. She was actually intended to have a much bigger role in the series before the "Suicide Squad" movie was announced -- and now there's no way the clown is coming back to mess with Olly any time soon.

“We had big plans for Harley. But, I guess something came down from DC execs that told us to shut it down," Holland told UK blog Flickering Myth at the MCM London Comic Con this weekend. "I mean we had that tease with the pigtails and the A.R.G.U.S. outfit, but we’ll never see it. We would love to [have] Harley in ‘Arrow’ but it will never happen.”

Of course, we could have figured that Harley was supposed to be a bigger deal all along. In a behind-the-scenes picture that actor Michael Rowe (Deadshot) posted to Instagram around the same time last year, Cassidy Alexa was rocking some serious Harley make-up. Why go through all that trouble if you were only going to show her from behind?

Don't expect Rowe to come back any time soon either, by the way -- as Guggenheim told a fan on his official Tumblr back in March, "Deadshot is off the table" for the time being. But at least we'll get to see Will Smith play him next year in 2016, right?

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