'Iron Man 2' Gets Widest Release In Hollywood History

Marvel sequel will premiere in 4,380 theaters, beating record held by 'The Dark Knight.'

Say what you will about his dubious personal ethics and his abundant supply of arrogance, but it's impossible to deny that Tony Stark knows how to attract an audience -- just check [article id="1638269"]his international records[/article] for proof. Now, as "Iron Man 2" prepares to fly into theaters all across the United States this weekend, the superhero is poised to draw a crowd the likes of which Hollywood has never seen before.

With a few short hours to go before its U.S. release, the Marvel Studios superhero sequel is already carving out a spot in the domestic box office's history books -- according to Deadline Hollywood, "Iron Man 2" will have the widest initial release in Hollywood history, with a walloping 4,380 venues to its name, courtesy of distributor Paramount Pictures. The previous record holder was Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight," which boasted 4,366 locations in 2008.

Although Iron Man has already defeated Batman's record for most opening locations, he'll have a higher bar to clear when it comes to topping the Caped Crusader's initial box-office intake. In its first weekend in theaters, "The Dark Knight" secured an unprecedented $158.4 million record. Analysts predict that "Iron Man 2" could land close to that number -- somewhere between $150 and $160 million by Sunday's conclusion -- presenting Tony Stark with the opportunity to pluck another trophy off of the considerably stacked shelf located in the Bat Cave.

Already, "Iron Man 2" has performed fantastically overseas. It currently sits atop a money pile worth $121.1 million after its release in 53 foreign territories, including the United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Australia and Russia. By Monday morning, American moviegoers will probably have donated few hundred million more to the Stark Industries bank account.

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