Listen To Ryan Adams Transform ‘Shake It Off’ Into a Gorgeous Piano Ballad

On the song's one-year anniversary release, no less.

We've been keeping tabs on Ryan Adams' 1989 covers album, a song-for-song recreation of Taylor Swift's smash album from last year. He's been sharing tiny snippets of the reworked songs on Twitter and Instagram over the past two weeks, and they've been pretty amazing.

Early this morning (August 19), Adams had another bit to share with us: A gorgeous, slow, delicate, piano-led cover of "Shake It Off" -- and just in time for the song's one-year anniversary!

It looks like Adams recruited frequent Bright Eyes collaborator Nate Walcott -- who also penned the score to "The Fault In Our Stars" in 2012 with fellow Bright Eyes dude Mike Mogis -- to helm the keys on this track, while Adams himself presumably tackles the yearning guitar and smoky vocal parts. Very, very beautiful stuff.

So, a very happy anniversary to you, "Shake It Off!" And Ryan, you'll let us know when we can hear the whole album, won't you?