Lady Gaga And Beyonce Were 'Epic' On 'Telephone' Set, Co-Star Jai Rodriguez Says

Rodriguez recalls joke Gaga made on set.

The [artist id="2048924"]Semi Precious Weapons[/artist] described the chemistry between [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] and [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] on the [article id="1631848"]"Telephone" set as "magical."[/article] And after [article id="1633772"]Thursday night's premiere[/article] of the clip, it's pretty clear to see that the two pop divas share a [article id="1625516"]strong connection[/article]. TV personality Jai Rodriguez, who plays the video's reporter, said that working with the girls was a great experience.

"Just being on that set and being able to watch all their takes was pretty massive," he told MTV News on Friday (March 12). "Just watching them do all the scenes at the hotel room and the diner, it was really epic. And seeing Gaga and how motivated she is and interjecting her creative vision [was great]."

Rodriguez promises that even with two very famous pop divas on set, there was no rivalry at all. "No, [there was no drama]. That was the weird thing," he said. "They were just kind of watching the dailies together and the director would instruct. I think Beyoncé was set to shoot all her scenes in one day, so they were really pushing to get her done -- there was no chilling out. Those girls were in and out of makeup trailers, in and out of costumes."

However, even in the hustle and bustle Gaga was able to crack a joke or two. "Gaga did say something funny -- she was commenting on the yellow color of her hair, saying, 'This is what happened the first time I tried dying it blond!' " he recalled. "It was funny -- she was drinking Gatorade the color of it."

While Rodriguez, who was a last-minute replacement for a real TV news anchor and wrote all of his own lines, managed to get in some chatting with Beyoncé, he has yet to meet Gaga.

"I have no Gaga connection and to this day I haven't met her," he said. "She doesn't know who I am. She didn't know what I was doing on set. I could have been a [technician] for all she knew. I did my setup while they were doing the 'P---y Wagon' scenes in front of a green screen and it was weird, because it was like, 'What am I going to say?' "

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