The Losers' Club Is All Grown Up In First 'It: Chapter Two' Teaser Trailer

Pennywise is back and up to its old tricks

It — adapted from Stephen King's chilling source material of the same name — became the highest grossing horror film in history. Audiences fell in love with the film's preteen heroes, known as the Losers' Club, as they faced puberty, bullies, and, of course, the shape-shifting clown/amorphous evil entity, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Chapter One ended while they were kids — victorious, but in a fleeting sense. In the first teaser trailer for the anticipated second half of the story, It: Chapter Two, the Losers' Club aren't kids anymore. And they're back in Derry, and unfortunately so is Pennywise.

The teaser trailer finds Beverly, played by Jessica Chastain, making her return to the city 27 years later and visiting a mysterious older woman. Before long, while waiting for a cup of tea, Beverly sees Pennywise's creepy smile on the woman's wall in an older photo, and behind her, the woman dances in her kitchen naked. Beverly gets rushed by the wrinkled skin and the teaser shifts outside of the claustrophobic house to the town itself. The gang's back in town, and Pennywise is up to its old, murderous tricks — this time attempting to prey on a young girl. The conclusion looks to be bigger, scarier, and bloodier than ever before.

It: Chapter Two also features James McAvoy, Bill Hader,  James Ransone, and others. Bill Skarsgard makes his return as the impossibly scary Pennywise. You'll be able to hide behind your hands during its scariest scenes when it hits theaters on September 6.

Check out the scary teaser up above.