Birdman Used Lil Wayne In His Pitch To Sign Slim Jesus

Baby says Lil Wayne "ain't goin' nowhere."

Birdman and Lil Wayne might not be on the best of terms lately, but that hasn't stopped Baby from using Weezy's name in signing pitches. At least that's what happened during a conversation between the Cash Money boss and Slim Jesus.

During the phone call, which was recorded by Slim Jesus' associate King Yella, Baby -- or someone who sounds exactly like him -- seemed very interested in signing the buzzing artist.

"I think you’re special," he said in the clip. "I’ve got the biggest artists in the world. We rotate that sh-t: Wayne, Drake, Nicki. We’re the big sh-t poppin’ and I’ve got the biggest system. I just think he got an opportunity with what’s going on. If we come with the right song, I know that sh-t can be big."

If it is Birdman (and not just someone who sounds exactly like him), then these Weezy comments are even more interesting.

"Wayne ain’t going no where," he said during the call. "I know what you’ve been hearing, but Wayne 1,000. Thats my son. He ain’t going nowhere. Ain’t nobody going nowhere."

So, why does Birdman want to sign Slim Jesus? Well, the young rapper emerged earlier this year with a polarizing and popular music video for "Drill Time," a clip that now boasts more than 16 million views on YouTube. You can check it out below.

But the man you see in the phone call video is not Slim Jesus, obviously. That's King Yella. He apparently works or has worked closely with Slim in the past. Earlier this month, Yella spoke with VladTV about Baby, too.

"I’ve got a whole conversation with Birdman right now, thirsty for him," he said. "Slim Jesus hung up on that man in his face."

It's hard to know if that's the same convo that takes place in the video released today. But either way, it doesn't look like Slim wants to sign with any label.

Last week, he burned a copy of a recording contract on Instagram. "I been had offers from the same bullsh-t-ass labels that be signing y’all’s favorite rappers," he said in the clip. "And you know how I feel about them? F—k a label. We gettin’ independent money, bitch."

Yeah, definitely doesn't sound like he wants to sign a contract.

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