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14 K-pop Songs To Help Set The Pace This Taurus Season

From Stray Kids to Taurus queens IU and Sunmi, here are the songs that will help ground you this season

By Tássia Assis

Taurus season has just started, finally grounding the fiery energy that Aries left behind. The sun moved from the blazing Rams onto the stable Bulls, offering us a chance to slow down, sow the seeds of our desires, and — most importantly — enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

Taurus is the first Earth sign of the Zodiac, and its natives are known for being practical, steady, loyal, and lovers of the finer things in life (especially if it involves food). With their "stop and smell the roses" philosophy, these patient creatures are an inspiration to our fast-paced routines, but their indulgence in creature comforts can lead to laziness and lack of restraint. And while they hold remarkable resilience and determination, on a bad day they can easily come off as stubborn and vain.

That’s why Taurus season poses itself as the perfect moment to slow down and reassess our goals, but also to keep our excesses in check and avoid becoming trapped in a comfort zone. That said, here is a K-pop playlist to embrace Taurus energy with all your senses, and enjoy the pleasures of life like their natives do so well:

(Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics, pop!gasa and LyricsKpop)

IU, "Jam Jam"

A relentless worker and charming performer, it comes as no surprise that IU is a Taurus. Over her decade-long career, she morphed from innocent ingénue to mature artist and settled into a solid spot in K-pop’s Hall of Fame through her own labor. “Jam Jam,” a B side from her last studio album Palette, is one of IU’s most exciting experimentations, a captivating synth-pop song that thrives on airy vocals and suggestive lyrics. Comparing love (sarang, in Korean) to sugar (seoltang), IU embodies the epicureanism of her Sun sign in full force — even if it leads to indigestion in the end.

Biggest mood: "I need some sugar / I need something fake / What does the truth mean? I don’t care / We both know, there’s a limit, it’ll be over soon / Melt me before I cool down, babe."

Mamamoo, "Starry Night"

Mamamoo explored a different side of themselves with the power ballad “Starry Night.” Marked by Latin-inspired strings and an everflowing melody, the track is accompanied by a breathtaking visual shot in New Zealand. This release is all about connecting to the material world: breathing fresh air, swaying in the sea, walking barefoot in the sand, and moving along to the rhythm of life. Is there anything more Taurus than that?

Biggest Mood: “Winter passes and flowers bloom / The scent of the warm air wraps around me / Nothing changed, each day is the same / But still, I wait for tomorrow.”

Stray Kids, "My Pace"

It’s true that the Bulls can get defensive and inflexible within a moment's notice (ever tried to challenge their opinions?), but more often than not they remind us to calculate the risks and take things at our own pace. Tauruses know there’s nothing that can’t be achieved with unyielding determination, and Stray Kids captures that valuable lesson in the motivational “My Pace.” The song plays with its own tempo, simulating the sprints we run inside our minds, and the video propels this concept further by staging a race where various people are moving at their own individual paces. Ultimately, the group discovers there’s no need to stress and compare our progress to other people, and it’s better to channel that Taurus energy and enjoy our own rhythm instead.

Biggest mood: “No need to rush, my pace / Don’t compare / It’s alright to go slowly / Go on your own path, my lane / Put down your impatience / Just keep looking forward.”

Twice, "Chillax"

Twice are known for their saccharine, upbeat tracks that make the world feel like an endless summer day. “Chillax,” a deep cut from their album Summer Nights, maintains that same vibe with tropical marimbas and bouncy synths, but opts for a calmer, Taurean take on the lyrics. Chaeyoung, the group’s resident Taurus, must know well how necessary those days of doing absolutely nothing are — especially when you have a schedule as hectic as theirs. In that sense, the unbridled excitement of the track is understandable.

Biggest mood: “I want to think nothing / Just for today, nothing / Just chill and chill and relax / Chill and chill and relax.”

Rainbow Blaxx, "Cha Cha"

Lush lips and colorful macarons open the hedonistic feast that is “Cha Cha.” From the catchy Europop synths to the sensual choreography and the revealing fits, Rainbow Blaxx revels in Taurus's most decadent delight. Everything in this release is meant to arouse the senses; an exaggerated measure, for sure, but also a good reminder of how easy it is for Taurus to go overboard. The music video adds an interesting undertone to this message (and a sharp criticism to the idol industry) by revealing that the quartet was force-fed in order to produce gems and riches to a madam.

Biggest mood: “I wanna feel you, I wanna love you / I’m not afraid to say this / Even if you ask me every time, I’ll tell you / Every single day, I think about you.”

EXO-CBX, "Lazy"

Probably the most quintessential Taurus track on this playlist, EXO-CBX’s psychedelic bop is infused with the soothing atmosphere of a perfect Sunday. It’s one of those days where everything just feels right, clocks don’t seem to exist, and you can’t imagine feeling more at ease. Like Baekhyun (who is, of course, a Taurus) says, “simple is sexy” and it’s the track’s genuine warmth and cozy feels that make it so entrancing. Laziness can be detrimental to our productivity, but EXO-CBX prove that sometimes there’s no harm in just staying still and enjoying what is right there in front of us.

Biggest mood: "The curtains are shut but the window is half open / The spring breeze finds me / Still slightly cold but the sunlight gives it heat / I like it like this / Yeah, who cares? I just wanna be lazy."

Oh My Girl, "Secret Garden"

As an Earth sign, Taurus are also highly connected to nature, and many love to engage in outdoor activities or just spend some time in green spaces. Oh My Girl’s brand of whimsical melodies and ethereal visuals often make use of nature in magical outputs like “Secret Garden.” The song is a dreamy, delicate trip into their inner world, where they long to reveal a garden carefully nurtured to someone special. The energy of Taurus pours over the music video as well, where magic makes flowers grow, waves crash, and fantastical animals roam inside a living room.

Biggest mood: "Something great and amazing is planted inside / Although you still can’t see anything / If you wait a little more, you’ll know / My secret garden."

Sunmi, "Gashina"

Sunmi is yet another powerful Taurus woman trailblazing K-pop with her bold, unique artistry. No surprises here — the sign is known to be hardworking and very passionate about what they commit to, and Sunmi’s blossoming over the years is a pure Taurus inspirational tale. "Gashina," her first solo single after leaving JYP Entertainment, is a synth-driven pop explosion that made waves in 2017, particularly because of her charismatic delivery. In the music video, the singer undergoes a transformation from victim to agent of her own life, and still finds time to defy female stereotypes with snark and class. That’s a Taurus for you.

Biggest mood: "Fine, I’ll forget you / I’m gonna live like a flower, I’ll be myself / Can’t nobody stop me now / no try me."

NCT 127, "Regular (English Ver.)"

NCT is a group whose dream concept serves as a glue to their slew of subunits and varied discography. That said, there was much surprise when “Regular,” a loud and materialistic track, was released last year. As part of the group’s expansion into Western markets, the English version sees the boys indulging in their craziest, richest fantasies, aided by a boastful trap melody. Taurus people can become vain and too focused on material goods if they don’t keep their values in check, and that’s precisely the feeling that NCT 127 captures in this release. Just being wealthy is not enough, they want luxury that can be bragged about. However, the Korean version of "Regular" reveals that NCT 127 was, instead, just doing what they always do: dreaming.

Biggest mood: "VVS my diamonds, I don’t need no light to shine / Iced out both my wrists now I can barely see the time / I just made a million and I’m still not satisfied / Cause I need that bag on the regular / I spend a bag on the regular."

Lee Hyori, "Black"

Completing the triad of mighty Taurus females in K-pop, Lee Hyori stands as a notable veteran. Over the span of two decades, there are few things she didn’t do, from being part of the girl group Fin.K.L, to producing solo work, to being an activist for animal rights. After a two-year hiatus in order to focus on herself and nurture her Taurus essence, Hyori’s latest comeback is a poignant fruit of that introspective labor. 2017's "Black" is a song about returning to your roots and becoming more comfortable in your own skin. In the music video, the singer gets in touch with her earthy nature and sheds an artificial idol persona in favor of a more realistic image of herself — with messy hair, simple clothes, and a clean face.

Biggest mood: "Black hair, black eyes / I want to dance wearing black / Flowing down my body / The black blood becomes hot today / Dark hair, dark eyes / I want to sing in the dark world / I want to become an ordinary girl / Who is fearless today."

Crush, "Woo Ah"

When you think of a Taurus man, R&B singer Crush checks all the boxes. He has that calm confidence of someone who knows exactly what they are doing, a voice smoother than butter, and artistic talents worthy of any daydream. As romantic as Tauruses are, “Woo Ah” is undoubtedly a love song. Crush’s characteristic passion oozes through the track’s sensual melodies, and the music video presents an intimate, rose-tinted collection of moments shared between a couple. However, “Woo Ah” was actually written for Crush’s dog — a funny, yet coherent spin to the nature-loving Taurus.

Biggest mood: "I wanna fall in love with you / Do as your heart tells you, my baby / Don’t worry, hold my hand..."

EXID, "I Love You"

Tauruses love stability. They’re a sign you can definitely rely on, much like EXID’s cohesive discography. Working with the same producers for the bulk of their career, the group developed an easily identifiable style without ever getting boring. Aside from that, four out of the five members are Earth natives: Solji is a Capricorn, Hyerin is a Virgo, and Hani and Jeonghwa are both magnetic Tauruses; LE, the solo Sag among them, adds a sizzling fire to the mix. “I Love You,” the group’s latest single, brings out the dynamic beats and clever narratives that we came to expect from them, providing classic, quality entertainment like only Taurus can. And the food metaphors both in the lyrics and the video only further the Bull magic.

Biggest mood: "Like a red apple I wanna bite into / Like sweet cream that’s on your lips / Like fresh juice I wanna swallow / Like having peanut butter jam on you / I love you."

VAV, "Venus"

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. And as the title already hints, VAV celebrate both in this easygoing, ’80s-inspired single. The lyrics don’t shy away from a need to get physical and explore the five senses, as the group falls completely head over heels in an alluring romance. That’s probably how it feels to love a Taurus, enchanting beings that they are. The music video unfortunately doesn’t explore this concept further, opting for a fun party theme instead — but beware of visual Ayno if you don’t want to end up with another crush on the charming Taureans.

Biggest mood: “You awaken my sleeping five senses / My instincts are squirming / I’m opening my eyes / Transcending time and space.”

Red Velvet, "Ice Cream Cake"

Red Velvet’s 2015 hit "Ice Cream Cake" is yet another example of Taurus’s extravagance — especially when mixing food with pleasure. The track, a quirky dance-pop peppered with catchy “lalalas,” is as addictive as the best dessert in town. The ice cream cake here serves as a metaphor for consummating desires, as the group yearns for a taste of paradise. As long as Taurus keeps an eye on their overindulging tendencies, "Ice Cream Cake" reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life by the mouthful, and this is the energy you should channel in order to make the most out of this indulgent season.

Biggest mood: "Oh, vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top / I’ll show you different things every day, only to you / With more variety than the rainbow reflected in the fountain / I’ll be pulled even more by you, who draws out my love."