Justin Bieber‘s Groomer Explains The ’Process‘ That Is Styling His Hair

Your routine is about to feel very easy

After a year full of various haircuts and colors, Justin Bieber seems to have finally settled on a no-fuss buzz cut. After reading an interview with Florido, Bieber's groomer, and finding out how many steps are required to merely get his hair to stay slicked back, it's easy to see why Justin traded his long locks in for something a little less time-consuming.

In an interview with Refinery 29, Flordio discusses how he gives JB that glow, the challenges his young charge throws at him, and, of course, dat hair. Turns out that crafting Bieber's slicked-back look involves way more than just a comb and some hairspray.

He says:

That is a process. You have to use a root lift spray and then dry the hair in the direction that you want it to stay. Then I will even put a texture powder in; Unite makes this Expanda Dust that I use. Then I'll use a pomade to slick it back or finish with hairspray, but you have to layer in the hairspray to get it to stay.

Wow. I suddenly feel liberated by my hair routine.

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