Here's The First-Ever MTV Movie Awards Fan Fueled Film

🎥 Ready, set, action! 🎬

For the first-ever MTV Movie Awards Fan Fueled Film, we asked you to roll up your sleeves and prepare to click like you’ve never clicked before.

All throughout the week leading up to the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, MTV and Taco Bell rolled out a series of big-deal decisions for you to make -- like whether this movie would be a comedy or (*cue the screeching sound effects*) an action flick, and who would be marqueed as the biggest baddie of the show -- and you delivered.

Thanks to all you virtual virtuosos, our Fan Fueled Film has arrived as a gnarly, genre-jumping tale of a kidnapping gone hilariously wrong, with Ricky Dillon and his wacky deadpanning leading up the Venice Beach chase alongside fellow social media star Dana Baby and Live Más Scholarship winner Calvin Ngu.

If you didn’t think a first-person ninja sparring scene and a 17th-century Transylvania gothic sandcastle slaughter could fit into the same movie minute, here’s where we make history together. You can also watch some of the behind-the-scenes action that went into making this movie happen -- fit with funky stunt flips and epic dream fulfillment, naturally. Way to go, team!

Learn more information about the Live Más Scholarship, including how to apply, right here.

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