Watch Dads Read Their Daughters' *~Sexy~* Texts And Cringe Forever

Awkward af.

If I told you to take your cell phone and hand it over to your parents right now, what would you do? The correct thing would be to respond, "Joe, are you out of your gourd?! My parents would NOT want to see anything I've texted, especially to my boo." For some reason, four young women did exactly the opposite.

Elite Daily found father/daughter duos willing to trade their phones for the sole purpose of having them read their communications with their significant others. As expected, it did not go well.

"Anyway, did you ever take that pregnancy test?" The very first father reads to a record scratch. ? His daughter assures him that it's "OK." Let's hope the same for their ride home after the video.

One daughter rips her phone from her father when he reads a text about "last night." A third makes liberal use of the eggplant emoji, which takes her father a moment to understand ... but then he does. ????

The best though, is when a father is willing to turn the tables and have his daughter read texts he sent to his current girlfriend. Let's just say that his daughter was totally OK with not opening that door.

Watch the full video below.