Ol' Dirty Bastard Flees Drug-Treatment Facility

A bench warrant has been issued for Ol' Dirty Bastard after the troubled rapper ran away from drug-treatment facility Impact House last week.

The Wu-Tang Clan MC and solo star fled as he was being transported from the Pasadena, California, facility to Los Angeles Criminal Courthouse downtown.

"He physically ran away," Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Michael O'Gara said. "It's my understanding that [ODB's] counselors were taking him to court to discuss his program with the judge."

"No one knows where he is," said Ken Holder, bureau chief of narcotics trials for the Queens, New York, district attorney, who is prosecuting ODB in a crack-cocaine case. "He decided he'd had enough of the program, and he left."

Holder said he did not believe Impact House counselors are allowed to restrain patients because it is not a lock-down facility. However, the facility is required to notify the court system if the patient is there by court order and leaves without

an escort.

A spokesperson for Impact House could not be reached by press time.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel issued a "no-bail" warrant for ODB on October 17, meaning that once he is arrested, he cannot post bail for his release.

The 31-year-old rapper (born Russell Jones) has been living at Impact House since June after serving six months in county jail for violating probation by drinking alcohol. The sentence stems from his convictions for wearing body armor and making terrorist threats (see [article id="1429377"]"Ol' Dirty Bastard Sentenced To Drug Treatment"[/article]).

"He's probably looking at prison [time]," O'Gara said. "We're looking at whether he is suitable for probation, and based upon his actions thus far, in my opinion, he's not. We don't have many choices left."

Last month, ODB had progressed into the second phase of his rehab program in which he was granted 12-hour supervised passes to leave the facility

to do fellowship work (see [article id="1429372"]"O.D.B. Progresses In Treatment Program"[/article]).

"Unfortunately, Judge Revel still tried to give the defendant as much consideration as possible, [allowing] that a substance-abuse problem may have contributed to his criminal behavior," Holder said. "The defendant doesn't seem to have that much consideration for himself."

In addition to the bench warrant in Los Angeles, ODB has outstanding bench warrants in the Queens case and a Brooklyn case also involving allegations he possessed crack cocaine. A woman who accompanied ODB to his last hearing in Queens has filed a harassment complaint against the rapper which police also may use to arrest him, Holder said.

Holder said the Queens D.A. office may extradite ODB for the crack case if necessary.

ODB's New York lawyer, Peter Frankel, had no comment. The rapper's Los Angeles attorney, Robert Shapiro, had not returned calls at press time.