Neil Patrick Harris Got Naked And Made Oscars History

Doogie Howser totally dropped his trousers.

On Sunday night (Feb. 22), Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris whipped out the big guns, so to speak, to impress his rapt audience. And that meant dropping trou.

Yes, that's exactly how it sounds. And no, this wasn't just some childhood nightmare.

NPH (who we'll now lovingly refer to as Doogie Trouser) decided that about halfway through the show was the perfect time to direct everyone's attention on his tighty whities.

OJlDcEY - Imgur (2)

So much for pomp and circumstance on Hollywood's poshest night, right? And now we're totally left wondering: Did he stuff for this oh-so-ballsy moment?

We'll let you be the judge of that one, but we should say we aren't too surprised NPH went to such ... drastic measures to keep us Team Doogie.

Neil Patrick Harris Underwear Oscars

After all, he does get buff and stuff in "Gone Girl." And it wasn't nearly as flattering an angle.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

More like Doogie Yowzer, amiright? Or Neil Patrick Bare-this. Oh, we could do this all night.

Of course, it should be noted that this was actually a pretty clever nod to Best Picture nominee "Birdman" and Best Actor nominee Michael Keaton. Because details.

All we can say is the best-dressed ballots took a turn halfway through this telecast, ya'll.

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