The 8 Important Rules Of Etiquette For A One-Night Stand

Wham, bam, please and thank you, ma'am.

Last Wednesday while watching the cast members on "Girl Code" talk about sexuality, we got to thinking about one-night stands. Don't judge us. That's just where our minds went. And because we're decent humans, we started discussing the rules of etiquette for such an evening.

Even if you don't expect to see someone again after a hookup, that's no excuse to act like an animal. Good manners are important, especially in awkward situations. You don't have to be relationship material to be a polite host, so keep it classy -- yet casual -- with these much-appreciated formalities.

1. Be honest if you've had too much to drink


There's nothing more embarrassing than going home with someone, only to puke and/or pass out within seconds of walking through the door. Getting sloppy is for going home alone or with a cheeseburger. Plus, impaired judgment isn't a good idea for anyone.

2. Learn/know/remember their name


C'mon, this shouldn't be that hard, but depending on how casual it is, you may not have caught a name. In the worst-case scenario, don't even try to guess. If you don't know the right name to say, don't say anything at all.

3. Don't overshare


Self-disclosure during a one-night stand is on a strictly need-to-know basis: What's your name? Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Have you been tested? Your work drama or family issues are not sexy or relevant.

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4. Offer a glass of water


This is polite for any guest, but especially when physical activity is involved. It's a hookup, not a dehydration challenge. (If you don't have two clean cups, they'll probably settle for sharing yours.)

5. Don't lie about the important stuff


If there's any issue that would put your partner's sexual health at risk, then you have to be upfront about it. That's not just good manners and basic human decency -- it's the law. For more on sexual health, check out MTV's It's Your Sex Life.

6. Breath management


No matter whether it's your place or theirs, brush your teeth at night. Or at least use some mouthwash. (You should be doing that anyway!) You don't have to be passionately making out the next morning for them to smell your breath from across the bedroom.

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7. Make breakfast


You don't need to spend 45 minutes caramelizing onions for the perfect omelet, but offering a bowl of cereal in the morning is the least you can do. And a spoon, ideally.

8. Ask for their number


You know you're not going to call. They know you're not going to call. But it's a nice gesture, it may be necessary to get hold of this person (even if you thought you were being safe), and at the very least, it's a smart way to make sure you don't accidentally leave your phone at their place -- going back to get it could make this a two-night stand.

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