Watch Nina Dobrev's Best, Most Heartbreaking Cries On 'The Vampire Diaries'

Elena Gilbert can't stop crying and neither can we.

Video by Avaryl Halley

There's no denying that Nina Dobrev is a talented actress, but its her crying game that is truly on point. Homegirl can't stop crying!

Through her roles as Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce and bats--t crazy Amara, Dobrev has mastered the perfect cry face. At this point, she's a world-class crier in a league of her own.

In honor of Dobrev's last episode of "The Vampire Diaries" -- which airs this Thursday (May 14) -- MTV News has compiled Dobrev's best, most heartbreaking cries into one, sob-inducing video. After six seasons, 133 episodes and countless hours spent crying on set (not to mention the number of tissue boxes collected), here's how Dobrev really feels about leaving Mystic Falls:

Pretty impressive, right? And if you think you're exhausted from watching Elena shed so many tears, the constant crying was exhausting for Dobrev, too.

"The whole show was challenging in different ways throughout the six years," Dobrev told The Hollywood Reporter. "The multiple characters, the hours, creating characters, deaths. I was constantly crying, it felt like. But for that reason, it kept me occupied, I was never bored, it never felt stale. I always came to work excited, and looking forward to the next thing I got to do."

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Nina Dobrev Crying

We're going to miss you, Nina -- and your perfect tears, too.

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