MC Hammer 'Honored' That Rick Ross Named A Song After Him

'I don't know nobody that named their record after another hip-hop artist ever,' he tells 'Mixtape Daily.'

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Black Mafia Family's Big Meech, Chicago street legend Larry Hoover and hip-hop's supreme stage commander MC Hammer -- Rick Ross salutes a few OGs on his new mixtape, [article id="1640165"]The Albert Anastasia EP.[/article]

"Bi---, I'm MC Hammer, I'm about cream," Ross raps on "MC Hammer." "I got 30 cars/ A whole lot of dancers, I take 'em everywhere/ I'm MC Hammer."

The stage great behind pop-culture explosions such as "Can't Touch This" and "Pray" said he loves the tribute.

"We've been back and forth on the tweets, but my thing is one thing only: face to face, man," Hammer said. "I'm hollering at him face to face. I'm heading to Miami. You saw the tweets, and the bottom line is, it's a very unique thing for a cat to use your name. I don't know nobody that named their record after another hip-hop artist ever. The name of the record is 'MC Hammer.' That's crazy. For an artist of Ross' caliber, that's a whole 'nother thing. Arguably, right now, he's the hottest dude in the game. He's spitting fire. For a cat on that level, with his skill set, to have a record called 'MC Hammer' and do it the way he's done it, because it pays a lot of respect and homage to what I laid down, you can't help but be honored by that."

"MC Hammer," as well as Anastasia's "Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)," heated up the clubs in Miami over Memorial Day weekend and has had a steady presence in the streets since the tape came out last week. Hammer said he's humbled by the Bawse's show of respect.

"I done got every award that a man can get in the music business -- every one. I got 'em all. Diamond awards, Grammys, American Music Awards, People's Choice Awards -- you name it. Everything that you can do and every accolade you can receive. But that record that Ross did is on the level of all that. That's how it feels to me."

Hammer, who also said he loved Ross' "2 Legit 2 Quit" reference in "Mafia Music," said he's down to shoot a video for Ross' theme song but is keeping quiet about any ideas he and Ross might have for the clip.

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