Being Friends With Your Ex's New Girl: 'Awkward' Or Not?

Jenna and Gabby are certainly giving it a try.

The only thing more sinister than engaging in all-out, no-holds-barred warfare with your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend? Not engaging in all-out, no-holds-barred warfare with your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

On tonight's "Awkward" episode, Matty's latest love, the Stanford-bound tennis pro Gabby, had big plans to surprise him with an 18th birthday party. Jenna, who didn't feel particularly inclined to get to know Matty's new GF, politely declined an invitation -- but when Tamara assured her a no-show would give Gabby the upper hand, she reconsidered her RSVP and decided to make a cameo. Further, she agreed to help hang the banners and fill the punch bowl in preparation. And suddenly, the unspoken ping pong match for who could play it coolest commenced.


While the tension between Gabby and Jenna was clear, both ladies grinned and bore their shared time as they planned the party's music, arranged snacks and awaited Matty's arrival. And while it looked like the unspoken anxiety would ultimately lead to an explosion, something crazy happened when the b-day boy finally arrived -- Jenna realized she genuinely liked Gabby and that what seemed like a clear rivalry might have all been in her head.

"I was still a friend to Matty, but I'd made a friend in Gabby," she observed as she wished Matty a happy birthday and made a graceful exit.

So Jenna and Gabby were able to barrel through the awkward storm and find common ground, but would you be able to do the same? Share your stories of meeting your ex's new love, and tell us if you managed to scale the discomfort bump!