Phoenix Hope To Channel Their Inner Timberlake On 'Saturday Night Live'

Phoenix will perform on this weekend's 'SNL,' and they're looking to be in a few skits, too.

Phoenix will make their second appearance on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, as they take the stage to perform songs off their [article id="1704061"]Bankrupt![/article] album and, hopefully, not royally screw things up.

"It's a big challenge to transpose the new songs on stage, so we hope we are going to succeed," guitarist Laurent Brancowitz told MTV News. "We have a master plan, and I guess we'll see if it's going to be a success. We have big hopes, big dreams, but when you are very high, if you fall, it hurts."

Totally. We were very high last weekend, and after falling off our couch, we can attest to the fact that, yes, it does hurt. And though they may be heading into "SNL" with a healthy dose of French Fatalism, Phoenix actually are looking forward to the gig, and perhaps appearing in a skit or two with host Melissa McCarthy. Even if, by their own admission, they couldn't act their way out of a baguette bag.

"I hope so, but we are very very bad actors," Brancowitz laughed. "We are really bad."

Still, a lack of professional polish hasn't stopped Justin Timberlake from stealing the show on "SNL" several times ... including his [article id="1703356"]host/performer double dip[/article] last month. So maybe Phoenix can take a few pointers from him?

"He's an American, a real pro. We are French," Brancowitz said. "When you go to a karaoke in America, everybody is singing perfectly in key, better than us. You should go it in Paris, it's a different experience."

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