Watch 'Finding Carter''s Taylor Go From Meek To Minx

And to think, all it took was a game of 'Seven Minutes In Heaven' -- and a glass of wine.

The "good girl gone bad" is a phenomenon so enduring, Rihanna once named an album after it. And on this week's "Finding Carter" episode, the Wilson family's resident angel accordingly lost her wings.

Taylor, who usually spends weekends studying (Carter found her sorting through vocab flashcards on Saturday night), decided to finally let loose with exactly one glass of white wine at Bird's kickback. Still, Carter thought her sister could let her hair down even further, and when Taylor admitted she'd never been kissed, Carter rigged the party's "Seven Minutes in Heaven" gameplay to ensure Tay would be a part of every match-up.

Ofe got the distinguished honor of being Taylor's very first kiss, and though the party's most innocent invitee was hesitant to swap spit with him in Bird's closet, she eventually got into the swing of things. And by the time a spinning empty wine bottle chose Gabe as Taylor's next partner, she was prepped and ready to go. We can only imagine what she'd have done with an eighth minute!

Finally, Max, who'd been flirting with Taylor for some time, finally found himself behind closed doors with her -- then suggested they go somewhere more quiet. And Taylor wound up right back where she began her night -- in her room. Only this time, it was she and Max -- not her study tools -- that were sprawled across her bed.

Watch the devil on Taylor's shoulder progressively take over!