From Last To First: Darrell And Cara Maria Reflect On 'Challenge' 'Redemption'

The 'Fresh Meat 2' partners were named victors on 'Champs vs. Pros'

Darrell and Cara Maria's only experience on The Challenge as partners was when they were ousted first from Fresh Meat 2. Seven years post-bitter loss, the strong competitors were teammates once more during the Champs vs. Pros' grueling final -- and this time around, they crossed the finish line in winning fashion.

"Redemption, baby!" Darrell exclaimed after he and Cara Maria were declared the victors. A sweet reunion, indeed -- and a much happier outcome than that brutal Whistler-based Exile performance.


Looking back at the unique Challenge experience, MTV News recently caught up with the two -- and they each revealed their partner's strengths.

"If you put Darrell in a final, by himself, there is not one man on this show that could beat him," the Battle of the Bloodlines champ revealed. "I would put money on him for anything. That guy has a fire. He doesn't quit; he has the most incredible endurance. This guy is a train, there is no stopping him."

And how would the The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II and Fresh Meat champ assess Cara Maria?

"She's just so strong physically," he revealed. Another bonus? "She doesn't talk too much when we're doing a final. She just goes."

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