Here’s How Joey Bada$$ And Troy Ave Squashed Their Twitter Feud

Joey also reveals respect for Troy.

Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave have found peace.

You may recall, the two New York MCs were involved in a back-and-forth on Twitter last month. The rappers were apparently trying to out-indie each other. But, not to worry, Troy and Joey have reconciled their differences.

“We briefly spoke about it through mutual friends,” Bada$$ told Hot 97 during an interview that was published on Tuesday (July 7). “It got squashed. Real beef doesn’t even exist today in the rap game. What is real beef?"

The B4.Da.$$ rapper went on to explain that he isn't trying to beef with anyone. "I'm not here to shoot anyone down," he added. "I'm here to unite this whole sh-t."

Not only is he all about unity, but Joey also revealed his respect for Troy during the interview.

"You gotta have a level of respect for Troy because at the end of the day, we're both independent artists who are standing on major platforms next to a whole bunch of major artists and they know who we are," Joey explained.

Yesterday, Joey also celebrated Capital Steez - his fallen friend who passed at 19 in 2012 - with Steez Day at New York's Highline Ballroom.

Bada$$'s B4.Da.$$ and Troy Ave's Major Without A Deal are both out now.