Jennifer Lawrence Has A Twin Sister? Watch MTV Movie Awards Bonus Skit Now!

Rebel Wilson plays 'Hunger Games' star's 'identical twin' Katherine in 'True Life: My Sister's Famous.'

Wondering where Jennifer Lawrence was during Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards? We were too, and we wonder if her absence doesn't have something to do with a remarkable new clip from MTV's "True Life" featuring Lawrence's twin sister, Katherine.

OK, we're kidding. It's not really Lawrence's sister; it's [article id="1705670"]Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson[/article], goofing simultaneously on the Oscar-winning A-lister and MTV's long-running docuseries. The "True Life: My Sister's Famous" short, which is a bonus skit from the Movie Awards, focuses on Katherine's life in her superstar sibling's shadow. "No, I'm not jealous of her, not one bit," Wilson says through clenched teeth.

Describing their similarities, Katherine reveals that they are, in fact, identical twins. "We are identical in every way except how we look and how we act," she says. "A lot of people say, 'Wow, your sister is so famous now. Are you jealous?' " Wilson takes a long pause before offering a shaky "no."

According to Katherine, Jennifer receives career inspiration from her. "Jennifer actually gets a lot of her ideas for movies from me," she says. "This picture here is of a snowman that has a boner. And then what movie did Jennifer do? 'Winter's Bone.' "

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Clearly, Katherine struggles to deal with her sister's incredible success, which evidently goes back to their high school days. But she does proudly reveal one area in which she surpasses Jennifer's accomplishments.

"Yeah, Jennifer went to a lot more proms. But who did more anal? Me."

Check out the winners page of the MTV Movie Awards site to see how many new ways Katherine will be jealous of her sister.

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