Batman Just Showed Up On The ‘Suicide Squad’ Set And Now We’re Officially Pumped

Well, it sure wasn't going to be Clark Kent.

When the "Suicide Squad" movie was first announced, fans wondered how Warner Bros. would be able to tell a Joker story without the Batman involved. Well, worry no more -- he's definitely involved.

Yesterday we all saw the Batmobile flying through Toronto during filming of the "Suicide Squad," trying to capture the Joker and Harley in their shiny pink sports car:

Now, new images have surfaced on social media showing the Caped Crusader himself -- OK, sans admittedly cape in a couple of shots -- attached to the back of the Joker's car. Well, that's one way to catch a criminal, I guess.

It's likely that's not actually Ben Affleck in the suit -- after all, Joker and Harley are currently stunt doubles for this scene -- but it's still surprisingly awesome to see a new Batman actively fighting crime. Sorry, Christian Bale, guess we're over it.