Sandra Bullock Blind Sides High School Graduation With Surprise Speech

She's basically the coolest.

The Class of 2014 at Warren Easton High School in New Orleans will never forget their commencement speaker.

That's because Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at the group's graduation, delivering an inspiring speech to the college-bound group.

"Stop worrying so much," Bullock said. "I don't remember any of the moments in my life where I worried. Go find your joy. It's not the worry, it's not the what-ifs. It's the joy that stays with you."

Bullock, who adopted the Louisiana charter school after Hurricane Katrina, actually snuck her way on stage — making sure her appearance came as a big, wonderful shock to the graduates. Her words were based on things she wished people had told her when she was younger, advice she now gives her 4-year-old son.

"Raise the bar higher," Bullock said. "I only remember the moments where I tried beyond what I thought I could do, and I do not remember the failures because I didn't. Nothing is a failure, it's just not supposed to work out that way, because something better is supposed to come along."

Bullock also said that you have to dance every day, eat something green every day, and of course, that you can't pick your nose in public.

With her funny and inspiring speech, the Oscar winner not only made every graduate at every other high school incredibly jealous, but also ensured that the kids at Warren Easton would have even more special memories from their big day.

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