Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Kiss On The Beach In New Vacation Pics

Damn, this is a beautiful couple

Editor's note (6/15/16): It looks like Taylor Swift, who split with Calvin Harris in early June, has deleted these vacation photos from her Instagram account. The only one that remains is, appropriately, the one of her looking like a beach goddess, so please enjoy that one, and sorry about the lack of #content in this post. RIP Tayvin.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their one-year anniversary last week in an adorably simple way: Baking a cake together and sharing it with the world. Now, however, the beautiful couple have taken the festivities to a tropical locale that makes The Bachelor’s getaways look measly in comparison.

Both Taylor and Calvin shared a slew of gorgeous pics on their respective Instagram accounts on Tuesday evening, giving fans a rare, intimate look at their realationship. Here are all the pics you need to see (warning: high levels of #RelationshipGoals ahead).

Here’s Calvin laughing at Taylor’s adorably clumsy jump off a giant inflatable trampoline.

“It hurt a lot.”

Of COURSE they drew their initials in the sand (it’s practically a requirement for every couple on a beach vaca, right?)

Remember: Adam Wiles is Calvin’s real name.

Taylor basically rivaled every professional model in the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog.

Seriously… her bikini game was ON POINT.

And here’s Calvin strolling on the beach, stating his case for a cameo role in the new Baywatch movie.

Here they are pre-jet ski adventure, looking either really nervous or really hyped to get out on the water.

Finally, this passionate, foot-poppin’ kiss on the beach should be framed and studied in art museums -- it’s that damn beautiful.