N.O.R.E. Explains Unreleased Nas Cameo On 'The War Report 2'

'It was something in the vault, but we made it brand-new,' Nore says of 'With Me.'

[artist id="1000"]Nas[/artist] is with it, [artist id="3207230"]Capone-N-Noreaga[/artist] are obviously with it, so all that's left is for the public to hear it.

Nas appears on C-N-N's new LP, [article id="1632669"]The War Report 2,[/article] via the song [article id="1639420"]"With Me,"[/article] and, as Nore told us, he didn't have to go to far for the guest spot. All he had to do was look in the vault.

"I can't remember [how long ago] we finished the song, because me and Nas have recorded so much material in the past," Nore said. "We came across this [particular song and] made a new beat to it, switched a lot of things around. But it's a wonderful thing. It's not a recent verse from Nas. It was something in the vault, but we made it brand-new. If you don't know it's old, you won't know. It's the way a lot of people want to hear Nas."

Nore and Nas had a falling-out some years ago and really haven't spoken much since then. N.O., however, said time has healed the wounds, and as you can hear on their album, he doesn't have any problems with his fellow Queens native.

"Me and [Nas' brother] Jungle speak all the time," Nore said. "Me and God's Son haven't spoke direct, but I been speakin' to Jungle, so it's looking like everything is gonna be everything in a minute. You never know when you might see brothers together. At the end of the day, Nas is pro-Queens like I'm pro-Queens, like Akinyele is pro-Queens, like Capone is pro-Queens. Everybody from Queens is pro-Queens. I feel great about [Nas] being a part of this project. That's always gonna be our O.G., our older brother."

Besides Nas, Raekwon the Chef, the LOX and Busta Rhymes are among the guests on the July 13 album. The duo just shot a video for "Hood Pride" last week in New Jersey. It features guest appearances from Jim Jones and Joell Ortiz.

"We're redoing the movie 'Life,' " Nore explained. "I'm Ray Gibson, which is [played by] Eddie Murphy in the movie, and 'Pone is Claude Banks who is [played by] Martin Lawrence in the movie. We're basically going in. Somebody is gonna try to take 'Pone's cornbread, and I'm gonna tell him not to let anyone take his cornbread. So we gonna go in. We got Rik Cordero directing, and we're going to make a funny and great, entertaining video."

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