Charli XCX Explains How Her 'Boys' Video Is More Than A Thirst Trap

The singer reveals more about her eye-popping, cameo-filled new video

If you haven't taken a moment to feast your eyes on Charli XCX's new video for her single "Boys," by all means, go ahead. You're welcome.

Her first release since her Number 1 Angel mixtape in March, the self-directed video brings the bubblegum-crush bop to life. It's saturated with celebrity boys like Joe Jonas, Joey Bada$$ and Ezra Koenig doing adorable things in millennial-pink settings.

But before 5 million viewers were busy picking their jaws off of the floor, Charli XCX revealed that her directorial choice went beyond simply trying to kill with cuteness. In an earlier interview with BBC Radio 1, the British singer explained that she wanted to purposefully stage a complete role reversal.

“They’re basically doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in videos,” she said. "I was like, look I want to make this video, I'm directing it, I'm not in it. I just want to kind of flip the male gaze on its head and have you guys do the sexy stuff."

While Charli XCX certainly isn't the first female musician to subvert the male gaze, this video comes at a particularly appropriate time in the music realm.

"I feel like women are already talking so much about female rights within the music industry," said the singer, addressing this shift in a recent interview with Glamour. "There are some really amazing artists and people behind the scenes who are really effective in championing feminism in the music industry, and I think that's really important for people in the industry and for young girls and guys to see."

And in a moment when we see a female singer like Kesha fighting desperately to find her voice again, Charli XCX's freedom to turn the tables feels especially refreshing. (And delectable.)

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