2 Chainz Puts On His Best Zombie Face In 'Thriller'-Inspired 'Freebase' Video

He doesn't look half bad in that red leather.

To be honest, at this point I can summarize the "storyline" of most rap videos that cross my screen with eyes closed, but 2 Chainz would've thrown me off a little today. Instead of the usual cars, girls, expensive bottles blah blah blah, Tity Boi decided to tip his hat to a legend in his new "Freebase" video.

I'm not gonna say that Chainz necessarily recreated the cinematic experience that is Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, but he tried something different and it was a pleasant surprise. Plus, he looks pretty damn snazzy in that red leather jacket -- MJ wouldn't have been mad at him.

Despite the silliness of the clip, "Freebase" actually strikes a pretty somber note. If you listen closely you'll hear the Atlanta rapper explaining that some of his first encounters with drugs were actually in his own household. Hear him talk more about the track in the video below.

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