Marvel’s 'New Warriors' Will Officially Bring Squirrel Girl To The Small Screen

Get ready, 2018

It appears that the bidding war is over, and that Squirrel Girl has found her home: Marvel and Freeform are teaming up for New Warriors, the comic giant's first foray into live-action, scripted comedy, set to premiere on the network in 2018.

The series is amping up on the personnel front, too. While New Warriors is nowhere close to getting cast (which means that Anna Kendrick's brother, who thinks his sis is perfect for the part, may have a while to wait to potentially see that happen), The Hollywood Reporter notes that Kevin Biegel, who wrote some of the snappiest lines of both Scrubs and Cougartown, is close to securing his spot as the showrunner of New Warriors.

To start, New Warriors will encompass a 10-episode run, which will kick off next year, and focus on the adventures of Squirrel Girl — a.k.a. Iron Man's superfan, Doreen Green.

To learn more about her, click on Marvel's clip below, and stay tuned for more updates on the New Warriors as the series comes together.

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