Sandra Bullock Is No Wonder Woman, Despite Urge to Prove Lynda Carter Wrong

“How many years ago was that?” laughed Bullock, who clearly has even less of an interest in playing Diana now than she did back then. “That’s been so dead.”

The reigning queen of rom-coms did admit, however, that at one point she thought briefly about hopping into the invisible jet. “I’m not Wonder Woman; I think even Lynda Carter said I was too old,” she laughed, citing TV’s most famous red, white, blue and yellow crusader. “Really. Yeah, she said I was too old.”

“Then that made me go, ‘Maybe I will do Wonder Woman, just ‘cause you said it,” Bullock remembered.

But even when she had that urge to get superheroic, she insisted, it vanished quickly. “No, no, no,” insisted the now 45-year-old Bullock. “There’s other people much better suited to play Wonder Woman than me. I’ll just do it at home, at night, in my little Underoos.”

Bullock went on to say that the only people keeping the notion of her as Wonder Woman alive are journalists like me—which is actually sort of funny, since I’ve been so appalled by the notion of Bullock wielding the lasso of truth for nearly a half-decade.

“No, there’s nothing and I keep seeing it,” she said. “I think the media—you people—like to keep bringing up things that aren’t interesting, and are untrue.”

Oh well, the rumor is put to bed—and Bullock will never, ever play Wonder Woman. So, in a way, I guess it’s a win-win.

In your mind, what’s the most ill-conceived superhero rumor of all time?