Leif Garrett Drug Case Dropped, Warrant Lifted

Former pinup presents proof to court he completed rehab stint.

Leif Garrett is off California's wanted list.

Two days after issuing a bench warrant for the '70s teen-heartthrob's arrest, Los Angeles judge Maral Injejikian lifted the warrant and dropped Garrett's 1999 drug case Friday, when the singer presented proof he had completed a rehab program.

Garrett showed up in Superior Court and submitted documentation from a recovery center that showed he had met the terms of an earlier plea bargain in the case, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles district attorney said.

Injejikian issued a bench warrant when the 39-year-old former pinup missed a mandatory progress-report hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Garrett accepted a plea bargain in August 1999, after he was busted for cocaine and heroin in a Los Angeles apartment building earlier that summer.

As part of the deal, he was ordered to complete a stint in rehab and appear in court for regular evaluations of his recovery. If he complied, he would stay out of jail and have the drug possession charge cleared from his record. He received a positive report in August.

Garrett's long battle with substance abuse also resulted in a 1979 car accident that left his friend Roland Winkler paralyzed. In 1997 Garrett was arrested for cocaine possession.

The singer, who scored his biggest hit with 1979's "I Was Made for Dancing," last surfaced on the music front leading the little-known rock group Godspeed. He has also appeared in several low-budget movies, such as "Dominion" (1995) and "The Whispering" (1996).