Video Emerges Of Kanye West 'Wheelchair Incident'

As soon as he realizes the fans are disabled, Ye goes right back to performing.

Over the weekend, there were reports that Kanye West paused a show in Melbourne, Australia, until everyone stood up—and, mistakenly asked handicapped attendees to do so as well.

But new footage of the show paints the events in a different light. "I can't do the rest of this show until everybody stand up," Kanye says, adding that he's fine with waiting until everyone to gets to their feet. "And I'mma see you if you ain't standing' up... if he's in a wheelchair then it's fine... only if he's in a wheelchair," he says to his security detail.

With (nearly) everyone standing, 'Ye gets the thumbs-up and says, "You say it's cool it's a wheelchair?" before launching right into "Good Life."

Watch the incident here:

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