Pearl Jam End Video Drought With 'Do The Evolution' Clip

Seattle rockers team with comic-book creator Todd McFarlane on first such project in seven years.

Breaking a seven-year drought of new music videos, Seattle rockers Pearl Jam have

announced that they will soon unveil an animated clip for the Yield song "Do the

Evolution," according to a press release issued by the group's publicist.

The animated clip, created by "Spawn" comic-book mastermind Todd McFarlane in

conjunction with the band, has been in the works since at least last month, when Pearl

Jam guitarist Stone Gossard alluded to it in an interview with SonicNet Music


"Well, you just never know about that kind of stuff," Gossard laughed about the possibility

of a clip for the punked-up song from the group's fifth album. "Nothing has changed as

far as how we feel about making videos; they can be cool mediums for showing things

visually, but you just never know."

As further evidence that the famously anti-commercial rock band seems to be more

willing to market itself, Pearl Jam released their first-ever home video on Aug. 4, a

45-minute, behind-the-scenes look at the private band, appropriately entitled "Single

Video Theory."

"We choose to work with people who convey a particular attitude and this video is a

tribute to that attitude," said McFarlane, whose dark animated flick "Spawn," based on his

comic book of the same name, deals with the story of a character brought back from the

dead to join hell's army and release his carnage on anyone that may get in his way.

No release date has been announced yet for McFarlane and Pearl Jam's

"Do the Evolution" (RealAudio excerpt) clip.

Explaining their decision to work with McFarlane -- who recently designed four

collectible action-hero figurines for grease-paint rockers Kiss -- PJ said in the statement,

"As artists we are challenged to expand the meaning of our work and by utilizing this

visual medium and collaborating with a visionary like Todd, we were able to further

explore some of the themes we depicted in the song 'Do the Evolution.' "

Less seriously, the statement from the band added, "Basically, we've tried to make a

good stoner video."

The lyrics to "Do the Evolution," penned by PJ singer Eddie Vedder to music by Gossard,

feature the lines, "I'm ahead/ I'm advanced/ I'm the first mammal to make plans/ Crawled

the Earth/ Now I'm higher/ Twenty-ten watch it go to fire/ It's evolution baby."

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